About The Olive Branch Center


Who We Are

The Olive Branch Center was founded by Jessie Thompson and Chris Saade in August of 2009. They created the Center to promote and teach the ideas of religious and spiritual inclusion and global solidarity. Ginger Wagoner joined the OBC in June 2010 as our project manager. Since it's inception, The OBC has hosted internationally known authors, such as Andrew Harvey and Matthew Fox, for weekend workshops. In addition, they have held various classes and retreats in which Chris has taught topics such as engaged spirituality and mysticism. They also held a weekend workshop with acclaimed Iranian dancer Banafsheh Sayyad, who led a group in meditations on Rumi and taught the dance style she created and which she calls The Dance of Oneness.

In June of 2011, Chris Saade collaborated with Andrew Harvey to found The International Academy of Sacred Leadership. Students and practitioners of Sacred Leadership are being introduced to the crucial concepts and practices of spiritual and psychological leadership and of global and ecological stewardship that have been, so far, only available to the very few. The Olive Branch Center is proud to have been the co-creator and host of The IASL

Chris Saade is currently finishing a series of books, as well as a CD and DVD on the spirituality of the heart and the rise of engaged spirituality, which he has termed Second Wave Spirituality. We will continue to update this site as these publications become available. If you would like to be notified of release dates, like our Facebook Page.

Our Mission

The mission of The Olive Branch Center is to teach and promote the ideas of individual authenticity, global solidarity, and inclusion. We deeply believe in the freedom of every individual to pursue the path of personal authenticity while working toward alleviating the plights of all sentient beings and protecting our beautiful planet. We seek to further this mission through advanced learning programs, the publication of books and audio recordings, and personal coaching.