Evolutionary Love Relationships by Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade.

In this profoundly uplifting book, authors and sacred activists Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade call us to the next paradigm in human relations: love connections that are solidly grounded in individual authenticity, and passionately focused on service and solidarity. Rather than limiting their gaze to each other, partners are invited to take their focus outward, channeling their energies toward those causes that both unite them and transform the world we live in.

Evolutionary Love Relationships contains a powerful vision that offers humanity a path to coupledom, not as a privatized escape or preoccupation, but a path to evolve into dedicated activists whose combined purpose is to utilize their resources to help and sustain the planet, and which does not forsake but includes the pleasure of personal fulfilment between the bonded pair. 

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Prayers for Peace and Justice is a brilliant collection of prayers to be read, prayed, re-prayed, and enjoyed by soulful journeyers from all traditions.

Purposefully written for people who care deeply about spirituality and the fate of the world, these prayers reach beyond the traditionally personalized spirituality to global participation and historical responsibility. These prayers exude the longing for freedom, authenticity, solidarity, and the desire for greater social justice and eco-justice.

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Prayers from the Heart, Love, Sacred Activism and Praise by Chris Saade. 

In addition to nearly 50 thought-provoking and inspiring prayers on the themes of Love, Sacred Activism, and Praise, the book also includes Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade offering their individual musings on the topic of prayer. Available in both Audio (read by Andrew Harvey) and eBook format.


Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice by Chris Saade

Reveals the global emerging movement of spiritual social-activism and includes nearly 500 quotations from engaged spiritual writers--Published by North Atlantic Books available now!!  

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We are excited to announce and highly endorse the publication of Andrew Harvey's latest book...Light the Flame, 365 Days of Prayers. This book provides inspiration from great spiritual minds throughout the ages and includes six prayers from our own Chris Saade.  Click here for more information and for ordering.