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We are excited to announce Chris Saade's most recent publication: 

Where are you in your spiritual journey of the heart? Do you feel the draw (and the passion) to participate in the emerging wave of socially engaged spirituality? How does this relate to the current global crises? In this 5-disk set you are invited to reflect on your individually authentic path as we face the crucial social and ecological issues of our day.  

A dynamic team, Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade passionately explore the evolutionary coming together of the freedom of individual authenticity with the passion to serve our world. They assert the importance of the spiritual and global task of creating freedom, justice, and peace. The two dedicated teachers will inspire you through their animated discussion of philosophies and deep wisdom paired with profound guidance. As they delve into the ways we are each connected to the epic dream of love, they explore the crucial roles of individual authenticity; deep heart-awareness; the calling to facilitate peace, freedom, and justice; and how all of these components can be brought down from the ideal realm to earthly manifestation.

The recording includes the following tracks:
Foundational Idea of Epic Spirituality: Life Is an Epic Story of Love
First Two Tenets of Epic Spirituality: Authenticity and Feeling the Heart Deeply
Third Tenet: The Spiritual Call to Build a World of Peace, Freedom, and Justice
Last Tenet: The Vision of the Beloved Community--The Kingdom of Peace and Justice on Earth
The Joy of the Journey
Bio of Andrew Harvey
Bio of Chris Saade 

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Available in AUDIO format with Andrew Harvey beautifully and powerfully giving voice to Chris' prayers. And available in EBOOK format from your favorite online bookstore.

In addition to nearly 50 thought-provoking and inspiring prayers on the themes of Love, Sacred Activism, and Praise, the book also includes Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade offering their individual musings on the topic of prayer.

From the description on Amazon: "This collection of inspiring prayers echoes what we long to say in our intimate conversations with God and offers a brilliant call to serve and praise within your life. A wonderful avenue for building your relationship with God and the world."



The Evolutionary Vision of Relationships: The Spirituality of Romantic Love
with Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade
is now available in digital download from, and iTunes!

An Evolutionary Vision of Relationships is a series of 6 hours of passion-filled conversations in which Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade discuss the vision of evolutionary relationships that are deeply spiritual, romantic, and engaged in greater service.

The two teachers and authors inspire, share from the heart, cover cutting edge psychological and spiritual principles, offer concrete practical tools, and explore, for all of us, the dynamics of what is possible within romantic love. Always keeping this evolutionary vision in front of them throughout their dialogues, they explore contributing themes such as Passion, Authenticity, Paradox, Co-Creation, and Celebration. Each conversation is spiritually grounded and simultaneously challenges us to discover the depths of passion possible within our current and future relationships. The series culminates in a sweetly-daring and intimate conversation around Evolutionary Sexuality. This series of recordings is a must-have for those who desire more within their relationships and seek spiritual guidance and concrete tools.

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"Ground-breaking. Pivotal. Revolutionary. Awe-inspiring."


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