Short reflection pieces for your time of meditation or prayer

*All pieces below are copyrighted for use in future books.

The spirit longs to serve others and make a difference. It is by giving yourself

wholeheartedly to the magnificent and compassionate dream of God that you

find your true self . We were created to love and protect our planet.

Chris Saade 


Blessings on these who sit in silence

and know the Presence that unites all life.

They feel the connection to all beings

Knit together by this Presence. With heartfelt compassion,

They pray for the broken ones. Blessings on these

Whose inner wisdom erases the lines drawn by doctrine.

They are the ones dreaming a new world of Oneness into being.

Jessie Thompson 

ImageWe are standing in a force field of love. The journey is not easy.

We are part of a grand epic story. We are developing a


universal and ethical consciousness in service of our cosmos.


We are partners with God in the dream of love.

Chris Saade 

As we commit to free our spirit we regain the knowledge of our true identity.

Impositions laid on us blind our inner vision. Freedom of spirit and the

passionate service of the world are closely connected. It is through the

courageous struggle to claim our personal destiny that the sacred task of our

soul is revealed. The spirit was fashioned to be free - free to pursue its calling.

Chris Saade 


Blessings on these who galvanize others and lead the way.

Their audacious words are the new frontier for peace.

They take the vital kernels of wisdom from the chaffs that are withered

And create words of hope. They are true to the spirit of the ancestors

And faithful to their longings. Blessings on these who see the light of Unity

Where others’ vision fails, whose brave spirits bear the strife

And usher possibilities yet unheard of. Gratitude is their due.

Jessie Thompson 

The dream of God for peace and justice is embedded in your heart. You spirit

was fashioned to passionately pursue that bold and daring dream. You are the

carrier of a magnificent aspiration for our earth.

Chris Saade

Blessings on these who live life as an epic journey--

They are guided by the Divine force

And are propelled by the evolution of life.

They embrace the diversity of the whole

and remain faithful to a vision of final Unity.

Blessed are these whose actions are beyond creed and dogma.

They know that the fate of one is the fate of all.

Jessie Thompson













Always remember that you are participating in an epic evolutionary story.


The universe is birthing through you a consciousness that is able to hold the great values of


peace, justice, freedom, solidarity and inclusion. What you sculpt in yourself is crucial


to the grand story of the earth. There are a lot of unseen forces supporting you in


developing your spirit. Your journey forward into the temple of spirit is crucial to God and to the universe.


Chris Saade