Inspirational Quotes

Quotes from some of the world's greatest spiritual teachers

"We are not alone. The dream we have for a new world, a new earth, is not just our dream; it is the dream of God, and God has placed this dream within each one of us...We hang in there because God hangs in there."

~Sallie McFague, A New Climate for Theology: God, the World, and Global Warming


"All mystical and shamanic traditions know that as a human being evolves into union with the One, the One streams powers to and through her--powers ocompassion, of purified passion, of widsom, of enhanced creativity, of healing, of energy."

~Andrew Harvey, The Hope



“Don't think of yourselves as being unfortunate because of having to live through these times. Think of it as fortunate, because you have an opportunity to work for justice and welfare of other people."

~Aung San Suu Kyi, The Voice of Hope

"Where is the Spirit? Where is the Spirit that we need to encounter and that reaches out to touch us at this critical point in history? The Spirit is to be found primarily in the depths; it is in the 'innermost part of our being,' as Meister Eckhart put it. It is down more than up. Spiriutality is about journeying down--down into the depths of self and society; down into the pain, darkness, emptiness, silence, guts, and lower chakras of our experience. Down to where the breath begins, in a deep place, at our diaphragms; down where compassion is felt--in the guts of our beings."

~Matthew Fox, Wrestling with Prophets


"It is the responsibility of all of us to do prophetic work. Prophetic means to speak for and to speak to...We are to be the voice of the voiceless...The disinherited in their unmet needs are the witnesses of what God's loving desire is for in the world."

~Abbe Pierre


"Don't find yourself asleep.
The Door of the two worlds is open now.
Don't find yourself asleep."


"It is the longing in our souls to experience divine union--to see God face to face--not only for oneself but for the whole world. It is the dream in our hearts to make possible the divine presence on earth."

~Beverly Lanzetta, Emerging Heart: Global Spirituality and the Sacred

"The Birth, as I have experienced and tried to describe it, is a Birth of the Divine in the heart of matter, a birth of the Divine in the human; the return of the Mother, of the Divine Feminine in all her forms and powers--nourishing and devastating, peaceful and outraged--make possible for the first time in human history on a large scale a radical embodied mysticism that could help us imagine and implement a new future."

~Andrew Harvey




"Praise is the utterance of appreciation. It also increases our appreciation; for when we praise with others we absorb their gratitude at the same time that we utter our own. In listening to what Taoists have appreciated in earth, sky, water, understanding rocks, trees, and animals, we have increased our own sense of appreciation. praise begets praise. Appreciation begets appreciation. That is good. That is necessary. That is salvific. That lights our fires of creativity."


~Matthew Fox, Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet



"Just as we are all meant to be contemplatives and to hear the voice of God in our lives, we are all meant to answer God's call to be His partners in transfiguring the world. This calling, this encounter with God, is always to send us into the midst of human suffering."

~Archbishop Desmond Tutu, God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time

"We can't with a single command, halt the destruction of the soils and the animals and the children, but we can with a single decision begin the search for ways to align our own energies with the creative, restoraive, and healing directions already taking place."


~Brian Swimme, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story



"We can each understand ourselves as one of the billions of ways Spirit has chosen to pour its love into existence. We are at once a manifestation of all the love of the universe, and an opportunity for the universe to manifest greater loving, cooperation and harmony."

~Rabbi Michael Abraham Lerner, Spirit Matters


There is a candle in your heart,

ready to be kindled.

There is a void in your soul,

ready to be filled...

Friends, don't be discouraged.

Compassion comes after trouble.

Don't put on any dress but Love

Don't cover yourself with any garment but Love...

Be drunk with Love,

for Love is all that exists."



The Power of Love to Unite

is the free and imaginative outflowing
of the Spirit over all unexplored paths.
It links those
who love in bonds that unite
but do not destroy, causing them to discover in their mutual contact
an exaltation capable of stirring in the very core

of their being all that they possess

of ‘uniqueness’ and ‘creative’ power.
Love alone
can unite living beings
so as to complete and fulfill them,
for it alone joins them by what is deepest

in themselves. All we need
is to imagine our ability to love

developing until it embraces the totality

of the people of the Earth."

~Teilhard de Chardin (translation by Blanche Gallagher)