Second Wave Spirituality

Second Wave Spirituality is a term originated by Chris Saade to name the world-wide spiritual movement that has been emerging over the past few decades. Second Wave spirituality is an inter-religious and deeply spiritual awakening. It is joining the love of the Divine together with a full solidarity with the struggles of the planet and its inhabitants. It is an engaged spirituality. This new emerging wave of spirituality is also striving to affirm the freedom of every individual spirit, encouraging people to pursue their authenticity and fulfill their unique calling. This movement is happening within almost all religions, transcending the divisions between these religions and being open to the wisdom of each. It recognizes the epic story that is guiding us toward knowing the unity of the whole while respecting and drawing on the diversity therein. At its core, Second Wave Spirituality is calling on everyone to respond to the dire global crisis we are facing. Second Wave Spirituality is awakening millions of people to their compassionate solidarity with the suffering in the world and attempting to unite their effort towards peace, justice and ecological sustainability.

Suggested Actions for Involvement in Second Wave Spirituality:

  • Get involved in a non-profit organization that speaks to your heart's calling.
  • Ask your minister and spiritual teachers to address the relationship between faith/spirituality and social and eco-justice.
  • Actively support spiritual leaders who are voicing Second Wave Spirituality.
  • Organize dinners or meetings to discuss this amazing emergence of Second Wave Spirituality.
  • Continue learning about Second Wave Spirituality in its different manifestations and develop that evolutionary transformation in you.
  • Teach or write about the calling of Second Wave Spirituality.
  • Vote at every occasion and petition your representatives.